So… Why would I want to Be Stupider?

Have you ever met someone that is tremendously successful and/or incredibly wealthy and yet you wonder, “How did someone this stupid get to where they are?” I’m pretty sure you have an example in mind right now. Or maybe two or three!

I see Stupid people! Parody based on The Sixth Sense

You may even be able to relate to a popular meme that parodies the movie, ‘The Sixth Sense’: “I see Stupid people. Walking around like regular people! They only see what they want to see! They don’t know they’re stupid!”

Well allow me to let you in on a little secret… Most successful people have been called stupid more than once in their lives! Many of them wear it as a badge of honor! To quote Barbara Corcoran, multi-millionaire investor from Shark Tank, “You almost have to be too stupid to lay low when you’re smashed,” Corcoran said. “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to have a low enough IQ so that you bounce back up and say ‘Hit me again.'” (Business Insider October 2016)


Now I’m not advocating you simply wander through life without a care in the world and never even stop to think about what you’re doing. There is too much tragedy out there to continue with THAT kind of action!

But stop overthinking! It’s too easy to get caught up in “Analysis Paralysis”! So often people don’t follow through on something that they know will be great, just because they are afraid of looking stupid. Well, I suppose if you never do anything of note, you have a better chance of never looking stupid. If you are willing to give up on your dreams and goals and ambitions, then you probably shouldn’t waste your time here any longer.\

However, if you’ve been thinking about a project or a business, you’re pretty sure you’ve looked at all the angles you can possibly look at, but your heart feels like it’s in your throat when you even consider taking that next step; maybe you simply need to lace up your Nikes and “Just Do It!”

You may fail or you may succeed, but either way, you’ll learn something! And you’ll be better for it!

So what’s this site about?

Inspiration, motivation and education on moving ahead. I actually got the idea to start this site when I realized that I was almost exclusively responsible for impeding my own success, simply for fear of looking stupid. I was afraid of failure, to be sure, but I was actually much more afraid of succeeding to a point that I wouldn’t be ready for it, and then fail because of that! And, DAMN!, would that ever look stupid! I think back to the days when I was most successful: Working 19 hour days… and pulling all-nighters! Confidence beyond my abilities because I could always just “figure it out”. I was fearless, and confident, and, yes, definitely too stupid to know how often I was wrong! And pulled it out with energy and effort!

So, to that end, I’m actually starting a number of ventures simultaneously! It may sound stupid to start (or reboot) several ventures simultaneously while holding down a full time job, but I think “Let’s Get Stupid!” is going to be my motto going forward!

Having been a professional computer geek for roughly 30 years, I’m rebooting a website I’ve tinkered with over the years. “Computer and Tech Stuff” will be a news magazine style site dedicated to my thoughts on… well computers and technology. HubbleGum Cards is dedicated to creating “The Official Trading Cards of Science!”™ because the world simply needs more science. And scientists and education surrounding science. And my personal blog, Neil Wyrchowny dot com, will be dedicated to my thoughts on everything other than computers and tech, business and science! And if you don’t think that leaves room for  a lot of other topics of conversation, drop by and see!

Aaand I have a couple of other ideas in the works as well! Keep on coming back and looking for blog posts for more.

I’m gonna share my stories, inspirational stories from others, and, if you want to share, I’ll share your stories too.

Throw off the fear! Get up! Get going! Get Stupid!!

and I couldn’t have written a better theme song for the site than this… Sing us out, Aston!


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